• Howdytoons makes boundary-pushing children's music videos and has created numerous online viral sensations, including Baby Shark, The Fart Song and the hit series Dinostory. With hundreds of millions of views in a few short years, Howdytoons has become a children’s media leader on YouTube.

    Howdytoons was founded by Mike Whitla, who has been working with children's music and media for close to 20 years through his company, Rainbow Songs Inc. Howdytoons was created when Mike decided to animate his musical “Dinostory: The Ultimate Dinosaur Rock Opera” and some other songs from his multiple award-winning kids' music CDs.

    Mike is hard at work on songs and videos for Dinostory Season Two, as well as Prehistorica, a new musical project exploring the stories of other prehistoric creatures. Another great venture is translating the best Howdytoons videos into other languages - many Spanish and Portuguese versions are now available.

    Stay tuned for cool new videos!

  • Stories and Fun for Children

    With three different children's video series, Howdytoons makes quality musical entertainment for kids of all ages! We love collaborating with talented musicians and artists around the world to bring you the best educational, fun, and just plain silly kids content.